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University of Natural Medicine & 

University of Integrative Medicine

Since 1996, the University of Natural Medicine, a not-for-profit 501(c)(3) institution, has been a leader in higher education in the field of Integrative and Natural Medicine. 
With a team of over 100 esteemed professors, trainers, clinicians and practitioners, the University of Natural Medicine (UNMI) offers to students all around the world, the opportunity to obtain their Bachelor (BS), Master (MS & MA). Doctor of Philosophy (PHD), Doctor of Natural Medicine (DNM), Doctor of Integrative Medicine (IMD), Traditional Naturopath (TN) and Doctor of Naturopathy (ND) degrees online.
The University of Natural Medicine (UNMI) with all its worldwide affiliations and centres provides a rigorous curriculum, conducted through distance education and practical hands-on clinical training (in select degree programs), aimed to prepare you to achieve your career goals and contribute to the expanding world of integrative, complimentary and natural medicine.
If it’s important to you to…
  • Understand the connection between your body, mind and soul
  • Explore the power of self healing
  • Support people in their healing journey with holistic and non-toxic approaches to healing
  • Learn more about the Holistic approach to disease prevention and wellnes
  • Grow a meaningful business that fits your values
  • Make a positive difference and impact on a global scale

Then welcome on board! 

We are now accepting ongoing enrolment for our self-paced online Bachelor, Masters, and PhD Degree programs and our online and clinical degrees as Doctorate of Integrated Medicine (IMD), Doctor of Natural Medicine (DNM), Traditional Naturopath (TN), and Doctor of Naturopathy (ND).

Contact an Admissions Advisor to find out if a career as an Integrative and Natural Health practitioner is right for you – 800-893-3367 or email info@universitynaturalmedicine.org