Message from the Dean

Hello Everyone,

It has been a wonderful year at the University of Natural Medicine. Our enrollment has increased substantially and we are continuing to grow and expand in many directions. To give you an update here is what has transpired and we have accomplished over the last year. 

After many years of preparation and maintaining our standards of excellence we earned and were accepted for candidacy by the National Accreditation for Colleges and Schools. We had our final onsite visit for accreditation this past December. Our administrator, Amanda Coker, who is doing a fantastic job, had everything prepared and in order for their visit and with Dr. Milam also attending we feel we have met all their requirements and that they were quite impressed and now take it before their board sometime in January. Another great accomplishment.

On the educational side of things we have added several new professors and courses. Dr. Richard Brady has written a fantastic new and comprehensive indepth course in Pharmacology. Dr. Pahwa Ranvir has submitted several new courses including a Naturopathic Psychiatry, an Anti-aging and Alternative Medicine course, Naturopathic Pediatrics and a manual for our Womens Naturopathic Health course. In addition we have a new science course written by Dr. Chris Irene that combines many of the various sciences together which we feel is more of an integrative approach and students can focus more on modalities while knowing the basic sciences. Dr. Janet Roseman has also joined our faculty with a course on ethics in healthcare practice.

The Doctor of Natural Medicine, which can also be offered as a Doctor of Integrated Medicine or a Traditional Naturopath program, has a new and expanded curriculum. This program can be taken as a stand alone doctorate degree or can be a stepping stone as the first two years of our Doctor of Naturopathy program. Many students have chosen this path to follow.

We have also added a new board member, Ms. Kimi Green. Ms. Green has worked in the not for profit segment of business for many years and brings invaluable experience to us as well as a caring insight and perspective. 

As many of you have probably heard, Clayton College of Natural Health (CCNH) abruptly closed their school and many students were left without an option for completing their existing programs. After discussion with CCNH as to how we could assist these students we decided to waive all application fees and give full credit for all any current student had received from CCNH in order to give advanced placement in one of our programs. We have had many students transfer into our University as a result and all, to my knowledge, are happy with the process and being able to fulfill their dreams and goals. 

Anyone who would like to attend our graduation ceremonies on January 29th please contact Amanda for more information. 

And last but not least you are now viewing our new website. We are very happy with the design and look forward to any comments you may have about it. We have added a page for research as well as publishing any dissertations that our PhD graduates wish to share and any research in the field of integrated medicine which we feel will be of benefit and news to the public.  And of course our blog which we invite each of you to contribute to as you wish. 

All my best for a healthy, happy and prosperous new year to you all,

Dr. Mark Smith

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