We are proud and honored to announce that the University of Natural Medicine International in affiliation with the University of Health & Spiritual Sciences is now unified and a part of the Cherokee Keetoowah FDN Georgetown, Georgia USA

We are now the model for worldwide education and healing in the natural, indigenous, integrative and spiritual medicine and health fields.

Our teachings will be applicable and available to all people living in all the world for all time to come.

As part of our alliance and affiliation we are proud and honored with being the first Healthcare and Integrative Medicine University on and part of Territorial Nation.

Our brotherhood and location on sacred land expands our mission to bring natural medicine, health and wellness to every group of indigenous peoples nationally and globally.

It is our mutual mission and vision to create a global community focused on wholeness and wellness guided by faith, knowledge, truth, reason and conscious/sustainable living.


University of Natural Medicine International Mexico
Administrator: Dr. Virginia Marston & Antonio Fonseca  
Marina Turquesa 210c, Lagos del Sol,
Cancún, Quintana Roo. México


Clinical Director: Dr. Virginia Marston
Chihuahua, Mexico


University of Health & Spiritual Sciences
President: Dr. Bill Akpinar
6110 Marathon Pkwy, Little Neck, NY 11362, USA


Georgia Tribe of Eastern Cherokee 
a/k/a Georgia Cherokee Indians 
State Recognized GA Code OCGA 44-12-300 
P.O. Box 1915 
Cumming, Georgia 30028 
Registered 501(c)3 Charity


This International Organization formed in 1962 congruent
to the policy objectives of the WORLD HEALTH
Email: info@oiucmed.net
Headquarters and Student Residence:
37 Beach Road,
Mt Lavinia, Sri Lanka

2200 Market Street, Suite 803
Galveston, TX 77550-1530

7380 S. Eastern Avenue, Suite 124
Las Vegas, NV  89123


Ozone Without Borders
Society for the Advancement of Bio-Oxidative Therapy
British Columbia Member Society (NGO) Reg.#S-0065264
Executive Director: Peter Jovanovic PhD (Hon.), M.D.(A.M.)
PH# +1-604-501-6051 Canada
PH# +1-305-749-7410 USA