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We are proud and honored to announce that the University of Natural Medicine International in affiliation with the University of Health & Spiritual Sciences is now unified and a part of the Cherokee Keetoowah FDN Georgetown, Georgia USA

We are now the model for worldwide education and healing in the natural, indigenous, integrative and spiritual medicine and health fields.

Our teachings will be applicable and available to all people living in all the world for all time to come. As part of our alliance and affiliation we are proud and honored with being the first Healthcare and Integrative Medicine University on and part of Territorial Nation.
Our brotherhood and location on sacred land expands our mission to bring natural medicine, health and wellness to every group of indigenous peoples nationally and globally.

It is our mutual mission and vision to create a global community focused on wholeness and wellness guided by faith, knowledge, truth, reason and conscious/sustainable living.

Clinical Training To Establish A CAM Practice – March 2015

ACHM Blog Post

Clinical Training is essential for those who want to establish a CAM practice.

Saturday, March 7,  2015  9 am-5pm
Sunday, March 8, 2015 9 am-3pm

Hilton Garden Inn
2000 Solar Drive
Oxnard, CA 93036

Located about 1 hour north of Burbank Airport and LAX.
Amtrak Station (Oxnard) is about 5 miles north.

Topics to be Covered:

  • Initial Intake & Interview
  • Assessment Systems
  • Consultation & Assessment
  • Presenting ROF (Report of Findings) + Healing Plan to Client
  • Healing Plan Implementation
  • Client Management for Effective Compliance
  • Mock Interview & ROF
  • Legal Issues
  • Effective Marketing


  • Basic Urinalysis
  • Urinalysis Procedures & Analysis
  • Presenting ROF to Clients
  • Urinalysis Test with Results Demonstration
  • Q/A

And much more….

  • This highlty accliamed seminar is sponsored by the American Council of Holistic Medicine.
  • A Certificate of Completion suitable for framing will be given to all attendees.

Cost is $289.00, Spouse/Assistant cost is $99.00
Email: theachm[at]gmail.com or call 805-890-2399 for more information
Please go to website for registration: www.theachm.org

How will I incorporate my own personal belief system and philosophy into my practice as a Naturopath? by U.N.M. Student, Suzanne Borho

Suzanne Borho

Source: U.N.M. Student, Suzanne Borho

How will you incorporate your own personal belief system and philosophy into your practice as a Naturopath?

First, I must acknowledge that my own personal belief system and my philosophies are forever changing and are never static. The more I learn, the more I grow, I find that I often must change or alter my former belief structure. That is why I am here on this planet after all, to learn and to grow, am I not? So, here are the principles and beliefs I currently hold dear and would integrate into my practice as a Naturopath and teacher, were I to begin practicing today…

At the very core of my belief system is that we are more than just human flesh, but we are body, mind, and soul (or spirit). The three entities are inseparable and are intricately connected, so when one is in a state of unrest or dis-ease, the others are also affected, whether we are conscious of it or not. Our thoughts and our emotions, positive and negative, have great bearing on our physical health; and our spiritual connection can have great influence on the other two as well. Therefore, in order to help my patients’ physical bodies to heal, it may at times be necessary to address underlying emotions, feelings, memories, internal conflicts, or spirituality as well.

Second, I believe that God, through Nature, has put on this planet everything that we need not only to survive, but to thrive; and that all the ‘medicines’ that we need to heal are provided for us in Nature—in the air, the water, the sun, and the plants. God, or the Divine Creative Power that resides within each of us, also created our bodies from a single cell (or two, rather) that grew into a complex organism of differentiated parts comprising upwards of 100 trillion cells, and it did this without any outside help or guidance! Our bodies were endowed with an innate ability to regrow and to heal itself. All that is required is that we give it the proper materials to work with, remove what may be impeding it, and it will do it on its own! I hope to instill this in all my patients so that they may be empowered and realize that health and healing come from within, NOT from without, NOT from a doctor or his poisonous drugs or inoculations.

Third: Health is a CHOICE, just as sickness is a choice. Many people may be offended by that last statement, as no one would consciously choose sickness and disease over health. However, that does not make it any less so. To be healthy, what does our body require? We require proper food (nutrients), air (oxygen), water, sunshine, exercise, rest (sleep), and love. Failure to provide adequate amounts of any one of these things will result in disease, with that disease taking many forms dependent upon a number of factors such as constitutional weaknesses, genetic weaknesses, toxic exposures, stresses (physical, mental, and emotional), etc.

As Dr. Lorraine Day says (not a direct quote), disease is a product of how we drink, eat, think, live, and handle stress. We choose what goes into our mouths each day. We choose to exercise or to meditate or not. We choose to follow Nature’s laws passed down through the millennia, or… we choose disease. This is not to denigrate my patients but to empower them. They have the power to choose health, if they want it. I can guide them, teach them, hold their hand, and be with them physically and emotionally all along the way, but only they can do what is required, that which their body requires, so that their body may do what it was intended to do, which is to heal itself.

Next, I am a firm believer in the necessity of nutritional supplementation. I wish it were not necessary, but unfortunately, in this day and age, it is. Unfortunately, the food that the early pioneers of Naturopathy (Priessnitz, Kneipp, Just, and others) had access to and were utilizing is not available to very many today, thanks to factory farming, the spread of GMOs, and the thriving chemical and processed food industries. Even if a person were able to eat 100% organic 100% of the time, with the depletion of the nutrients in our soil in this country, and all around the world; and now with the ongoing decimation of our natural food supply with the introduction of GMOs and with the spraying of all conventional crops with tons of pesticides and herbicides which further deplete the nutritive value of our food; it really is necessary to supplement.

Therefore, I would recommend that all my patients get themselves and their family on a good quality nutritional supplement program to include, at bear minimum, a multi-vitamin, a multi-mineral supplement, essential fatty acids, and a good protein powder such as whey, pea, or hemp protein. Nutrients are the fuel for our engines. The electrolytes are the catalysts for all of the electrical signaling of our nerves, for the contractions of our heart and all our muscles; and a whole host of vitamins and minerals are involved in cell signaling, growth, repair, energy production, you name it! Protein is needed not only for building muscle but for building a strong immune system; and healthy fats are needed for healthy nerves, a healthy brain, and for the outer membrane of each and every one of our 100 trillion cells! So, assuring and assessing proper micro- and macro-nutrient balance in my patients will be a central focus for me.

That being said, as Dr. Vic Shayne acknowledges in his book title: “Man cannot live on vitamins alone” (Shayne, 2002). Vitamin supplements should be considered just that– supplements. Food should be our primary source of nutrition. I believe a lot of disease would be avoided if people were properly educated as to the important role that diet plays in the maintenance of health. Like many of the great “Nature Doctors” who came before me, as presented by Kirchfeld and Boyle in the book of same name (2008), I am a proponent of eating as close to nature as possible; a diet composed mostly of fresh, organic fruits and vegetables, nuts and seeds, legumes, raw dairy (if tolerated), organic meats (on occasion), raw organic oils such as coconut, macadamia, olive, and flaxseed oil; eating local and eating in season, to the extent possible.

Eating fresh, unadulterated food is the key. I do not believe in a one-size-fits-all diet regime, as everyone’s constitution and requirements are different. I hope to learn more about metabolic typing and perhaps integrate that into my future practice, as I believe it has some merit. Equally important to what we eat, in many cases, is what we DON’T eat. I am a big proponent in testing patients for food sensitivities, especially any patient presenting with an auto-immune disease or neurological condition such as Alzheimer’s, ataxia, autism, or ADHD; as undiagnosed food allergies or sensitivities are often key players in their symptoms. I also would recommend food journaling and going on an elimination diet for some patients where testing is too costly. Gluten (and all grains), corn, soy, and dairy are the most common offenders.

Addressing a patient’s diet or food intake without addressing the health of their digestive tract would be counter-productive. All the nutrition in the world will not make a bit of difference if the integrity of the patient’s intestinal lining is compromised and is therefore unable to absorb it. It would be like attempting to fill a water bucket with a hole in it. Without proper absorption, diseases of nutritional deficiency such as anemia, osteoporosis, chronic fatigue, or a host of many others can develop. But in addition, the digestive tract also serves as the gatekeeper, guarding against entrance from the outside world of harmful pathogens, toxins, or foreign entities such as food particles.

When this barricade becomes breached, any number of health conditions can develop—any sort of autoimmune condition such as MS, Alzheimer’s, thyroiditis, rheumatoid arthritis; food allergies, eczema, asthma, mental health issues… So, ensuring the integrity of the gut lining is also paramount to proper health and one’s ability to heal. However, another very important component to gut health, and really systemic health, is the microbiome—the hundreds of trillions of bacteria and other microorganisms that reside within its bounds.

There actually are ten times the number of bacteria in our digestive tract as there are cells in the entire human body! In a healthy micro-ecology, the good bacteria outnumber the bad and keep them and the yeast in check. However, following a round or two or more of antibiotics, or as a result of a poor diet and improper living, this healthy balance is thrown off, and as a result, our immunity is compromised, as is our digestion, our eliminative process, our hormones, our energy levels, and on and on. So, addressing the health of the patient’s micro-ecology is also paramount in the restoration of bodily health.

Next, we live, unquestionably, in a toxic world. There is not a single person on planet Earth, barring the few who may live in the remotest areas of the Amazon rainforest, who is not exposed to hundreds of toxic substances on a daily basis. The radioactive particles in the air and seawater from Fukushima, EMF pollution, heavy metals, BPA, plastic, the hundreds of different chemicals people slather on their bodies in the form of lotions, shampoos, and beauty-care products, the chemicals in the clothes we wear and the laundry detergents we use, the pollution raining down on us from the skies, the pesticides and herbicides our fruit and vegetables are bathed in, the hormones and antibiotics used in factory farms…

Is it any wonder 1 in 2 American men and 1 in 3 women are diagnosed with cancer in their lifetime? How is the body to function at all when it is literally overrun and overburdened with these toxins? So, detoxification will play a big part in my future practice as a Naturopath. There are a multitude of forms that this could take, from the very simple and low-tech such as hydrotherapy, clay baths, skin brushing and rebounding to enhance lymph drainage, exercise to promote sweating, herbs, coffee enemas, and colonics; to the more modern-type devices such as far-infrared sauna therapy, chelation therapy, DMSA, EDTA, etc. Treatment will be individualized to fit the needs and requirements of the patient.

I also am a big proponent of energy medicine in the form of Homeopathy and essential oils, and I find the principle of “like cures like” to be utterly fascinating. I currently, however, have only a superficial grasp and understanding of it so, I would need to undertake a much more in-depth study of it before feeling confident enough to utilize it properly.

One final contention I hold to and am quite passionate about is my unyielding opposition to the utilization of vaccines. Of course, their utilization is not even allowed in the practice of naturopathy, but I would make it my mission to educate every parent who steps foot in my office as to the inherent dangers that vaccines pose. Humanity has survived for thousands and thousands of years without such practices. God, Divine Nature, has endowed us with an incredible immune system that has served us well for all these years, and the idea that we need to inject our children with a concoction of harmful microbes, fetal cells, MSG, formaldehyde, mercury, aluminum, Polysorbate 80, squalene, etc. in order to ‘protect’ them is absolutely outrageous! If you swab the throat of the person with strep throat and the healthy person next to him, you will find strep bacteria in both samples. So what’s the difference? The difference lies in the health of the immune system—the terrain. Clean up your terrain; give the body the nutrients that it needs to carry out all its functions, and the body will take care of itself.

As far as the traditionalism vs. modernism debate goes, in case it is not apparent from everything stated above, I would put myself more in the latter camp, along with Bastyr, Turska, Lust, and Lindlahr; who believed in taking the best practices from all camps, from the past and from the modern-day era; and using a fully integrated approach, utilizing a wide variety of natural treatments and all natural therapies at my disposal. While I admire the workings of Priessnitz, Kneipp, Just, Rikli, Schroth, and others and all their health accomplishments utilizing only good food, water, air, sun, and movement; we live in different times, and our bodies face different challenges from in that era.

Children were not assaulted with 58 different vaccines by the age of 11, or whatever it is, in their time. They weren’t exposed to nuclear radiation and the constant bombardment of EMFs and a high-powered electrical grid 24/7. They still grew and had access to real food, not the GMO, manufactured, processed, nutritionally-deprived foodstuffs they sell today. The water was still quite pure and fit to drink and to bathe in, and the air fit to breathe. Our world just 100 years on is much much different, which calls for different therapeutics. As long as it is natural and does nothing to block or impede the natural instincts of the body and serves to aid the body in its endeavors towards health, then I see no harm in it. My job as a Naturopath is to assist the body and to aid its natural functioning so as to enable it to heal itself, and above all, to do no harm.

These are the philosophies and beliefs I hold to and which I will use to guide me in my future practice and undertakings as a practitioner of Naturopathy.

University of Natural Medicine Student, Suzanne Borho

Toxic Metals and Detoxification by Dr. Lawrence Wilson, MD

Toxic Metals & Detoxification

Source: Dr. Lawrence Wilson, MD


Toxic metals comprise a group of minerals that have no known function in the body and, in fact, are very harmful to plant, animal and human bodies.  Mankind today is exposed to the highest levels of these metals in recorded history.

This is due to their industrial use for the past 300 years, the burning of fossil fuels without scrubbers, and improper incineration of waste materials worldwide.  Toxic metals are now everywhere, and affect everyone on planet earth.  They have become a major cause of illness, aging and even genetic defects.

The study of toxic metals is part of nutrition and toxicology, areas not emphasized in medical schools.  For this reason, this important cause of disease is given little attention in conventional mainstream medicine.  This article focuses on the extent of toxic metal problems – sources of toxic metals, symptoms, and how to remove them safely, quickly and deeply.

The University of Natural Medicine thanks Dr. Wilson for his contribution ‘Toxic Metals and Detoxification.’ For the complete article visit http://drlwilson.com/Articles/TOXIC%20METALS.htm

Love Your Liver

Source: Bernard Jensen International Monthly Newsletter
JULY/AUGUST 2014 By Ellen Tart-Jensen

The liver is a miraculous organ indeed! If we want to truly live, we must learn to love and take care of our liver. It works with the gallbladder and bile ducts to perform the functions of the biliary system to help the body rid itself of wastes and process fats. Weighing from two to three pounds, the liver is a reddish brown color and shaped like a cone. It occupies the upper right abdominal cavity just beneath the diaphragm and has two main lobes. Its base touches the stomach, right kidney and intestines. Tucked underneath and attached to the liver is the gallbladder. The gallbladder is a small sack shaped like a pear.

Functions of the Liver and Gallbladder

The remarkable liver has many functions that are vital to the body. About one quarter of the heart’s output of oxygenated blood flows in to the liver via the hepatic artery. In the liver, the artery divides into many branches to provide oxygen to all the livercells. Blood carrying such nutrients asfats and glucose from the intestines and spleen enters the liver through theportal vein. Blood exits the liverthrough the hepatic vein carrying carbon dioxide and plasma proteins. Bile is produced in the liver and passed to the gallbladder by means of a tube called the cystic duct where it is stored. The liver produces important proteins for blood plasma. One of these is albumin which regulates the exchange of water between blood and tissues. Another is globin which is apart of the oxygen carrying pigment called hemoglobin. Others complement a group of proteins thatplay an important part in the body’s defense system against infection. The liver produces cholesterol and special proteins that help transport fats around the body. Blood levels of amino acids which are thebuilding blocks of proteins are regulated by the liver. After a meal, some are converted to glucose, some to protein and others to urea which is passed out of the body through thekidneys and excreted in the urine. Glucose, (a form of sugar) that is not required immediately by the body’s cells, is stored by the liver as glycogen. When the body needs heat or energy, the liver converts the glycogen back to sugar and releases it into the bloodstream. The liver works together with thekidneys to help cleanse the blood of drugs, nicotine, caffeine, chemicals and preservatives. A healthy liver absorbs these poisonous substances, changes their chemical structure so that they arewater-soluble and excretes them in the bile. The bile carries waste products away from the liver and is stored in the gallbladder until it is needed to emulsify fats in the duodenum or first partof the small intestine. The gallbladder contracts and expels bile into the duodenum as soon as food has been sent thereby the stomach. It isimportant for women to understand that the liver processes estrogen. When the estrogen is not processed properly, women may have an excess of estrogen in the body. This can cause all of the symptoms of PMS such as bloating, water retention, weight gain, irritability, headaches, anxiety, hypoglycemia causing sugar cravings, an increase in prolactin ahormone that can cause depression, an increase in inflammatory prostaglandinswhich can cause pain, and cramping of the smooth muscles of the uterus. Caffeine, alcohol, nicotine, sugar, fried foods, fast foodsand foods high in hormones such as beef and milk can hinder the liver in its job of processing estrogen and create premenstrual symptoms.

Foods and Herbs That Strengthen the Liver and Gallbladder

Foods that are very strengthening as well as cleansing for the liver are foods high in iron such as the bitter greens including mustard greens, kale, turnip greens, collards, beet tops,endive lettuce, parsley, arugula, cilantro and broccoli rabe. Other foods that are high in iron and nourishing for the liver are bitter greens, apples, beets, dark cherries,prunes, figs and raisins. (If you have candida, avoid dried fruits.) There are several herbs that helpthe liver tremendously. Milk thistle is a bitter tonic and high in silymarin, a constituent that helps protect theliver against some of the most virulent liver toxins. Milk
thistle also helps to heal hepatitis Aand B and cirrhosis of the liver. Milk thistle has proven to lower fatty deposits in the livers of animals. The Oregon grape root stimulates the flow ofbile through the liver and gallbladder. The herb called burdock is high in iron and other minerals and helps the liver by cleansing and filtering the blood. Yellow dock root is also high in iron. It helps to decongest the liver and fight most inflammatory ailments ofthe liver and gallbladder. The wormwood herb is very effective against hepatitis and jaundice and also kills parasites. Celandine has been used todecongest the liver, treat hepatitis and jaundice and dissolve gallstones. Dandelion root tea has cured some of the worst cases of hepatitis. Turmeric helps the liver to process estrogenand balance hormones so is very useful for those suffering from premenstrual symptoms.

Cleansing the Liver and Gallbladder

There are many ways to cleanse theliver and gallbladder, but I never recommend cleansing the liver until thebowel has been cleansed so the liver can have a place to dump its toxinsinto. If the bowel is toxic and youstart cleansing the liver, the body will suffer from toxic overload which cancause headaches, nausea and even vomiting as the body tries to find a way toget rid of the liver toxins. When thebowel is clean, it can work more efficiently to carry the toxins from the liver out of the body through the rectum. Ialso feel that an individual should have guidance from an experienced health practitioner when undertaking their first liver/gallbladder cleanse. If you would like to begin cleansing the colon as well as the liver and gallbladder, avoid foods fried in fat (olive oil is o.k.), alcohol, nicotine, sugar, white flour, pasteurizedmilk and milk products that are high in hormones, salt and processed foods. Eat only steamed vegetables (include the bitter greens), vegetable soups, salads with lemon juice and olive oil, steamedor baked squashes of all types, gluten free whole grains such as millet,quinoa, buckwheat, and brown rice for seven to 10 days. Lemon juice and oliveoil help to dissolve gallstones. Drink cleansing teas such as Oregon grape, dandelion leaf and root, yellow dock, burdock and milk thistle. Use my LiverCleansing Recipe below for breakfast each morning.

Take two Natural Release at night to support good peristalsis. Take Sun Food that contains bitter greens including chlorella and also beet root, 2, 3x perday. Chlorella is a fresh water green algae that absorbs toxins from the liver, colon and blood and helps to sweepthe colon clean. Beets are very cleansing, toning, and strengthening for the liver and gallbladder. Use Digest-It, 2 with each meal to make sure your foods are digesting well. Take 2 Preolac at night to provide excellent probiotics. If you will follow this program, you will do a splendid job of cleansing your colon and your miraculous liver and gallbladder!

Supplement Program to Support Liver Cleanse
2 Sun Food with each meal, 2 DiGest-It with each meal, 2 Preolac at night before bed, 2 Natural Release at night before bed.

Liver Colon Cleansing Breakfast Smoothie
Put in blender: 1/4 cup almond milk unsweetened Juice of 1 lemon and 1 lime1 TBS. extra virgin olive oil1 cucumber peeled and chopped1 hand full of mixed greens1 apple with peeling chopped1inch thick slice of red beet, raw 15 almonds soaked overnight 1 Table spoon chia seeds soaked overnight Blend well and drink each morning. This smoothie is delicious and great supportfor liver, blood, and colon.

Best wishes for great health!

Dr. Ellen Tart-Jensen

For more information visit http://www.bernardjensen.com/

Awards and Promotions by Elizabeth Kim


As published in Taekwondo Times

Recently, Master Dr. Ron Shane A7-7 has received his N.D. Doctorate degree in the discipline of naturopathic medicine. He is now the Dean of the University of Natural Medicines Body and Mind Consciousness Program; and a medical researcher for the American Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine. Master Dr. Shane is a clinical diplomat in the field of optimal anti-aging medicine. This master received his first doctorate from UC San Diego blending social psychology with English literature. Moreover, this Tae Kwon Do 7th Dan and medical practitioner is also a research scholar at UC San Diego in Shakespeare and mysticism. Master Dr. Shane has over 45 books, which he has written on Amazon and is a highly published author in optimal medicine, higher consciousness studies, and the internal aspect of the martial arts. He is on the Masters Board for the United Tae Kwon Do Alliance; and he is certified Kundalini Yoga and energy master.


Currently, he is investigating the relationship between optimal strategies for health, the internal dynamics of Do, and indigenous shamanism, which will be the basis of this eighth Dan thesis. Dr. Shane regards the art and pursuit of Do as a way of reviewing the mystique of the human essence.

Revised June 24, 2014.

New Book: “The Super Foods Diet” by Dr. Vic Shayne, PhD

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A Paradigm In Revolution In Naturopathic Medicine

Allopathic medicine has created protocols, which do not necessarily involve ubiquitous patient healing. Western medicine is certainly not concerned in most instances with patient homeostatic optimization. Recently, the American Medical Association has classified obesity as a disease. There is now an overall disinclination amongst many medical practitioners for patients to obtain a BMI under 25. Bariatric surgery is becoming a very successful surgical procedure, utilized by medical practitioners to favorably modulate a patient’s obesity.

Western medical doctors are quiescently observing their patient population becoming more anxious, stressed, lethargic, emotionally distressed, obese, as well plagued by a myriad of pejorative disorders such as pain syndromes, insomnia, sexual dysfunction, adult ADD, and a bevy of gastrointestinal malaises. The human animal is socially evolving into a compromised pathogenic organism. Medical doctors are now seeing how our contemporary cultural dynamics through a plethora of epigenetic factors are inducing this organism’s homeostatic genotype to become allostatically pathological. Recently, at a highly respected medical conference leading clinical practitioners’ response to this invidious cultural phenomenon was to have patients take more medications to cope with the human organism’s allostatic implosion.

Western medical practitioners are helpless in terms of doing anything to medicinally reverse this virulent cultural scenario. These clinicians are further restricted in their attempts to ameliorate their patients’ health by insurance companies, as well as government reimbursement. It is now impossible to auspiciously treat patients. Medical doctors are further restricted by the mandates of their HMOs or PPOs. Human health in the 21st century is becoming a macabre dream and this abysmal situation is worsening every year.

Medical students in the United States receive limited training in psychological actualizing protocols, stringent exercise strategies, as well as integrated and holistic therapeutic regimes. In general, the western clinician memorizes their way through medical school. Prolific, abstruse conceptions are no longer taught to medical practitioners. The robust human phenotype has been replaced by a pathophysiological representation. The human organism like other higher primates for thousands of years survived without western medical intervention. Western medicine has many exquisite strategies to combat pathologies, which do not have their etiological basis in a modern pathogenic lifestyle. Thus, there is a need for clinicians to synergistically interface their western medical protocols with other arcane therapeutic strategies.

Western medical clinicians both surgically and through their pharmacological prophylaxis are excellent at mitigating many physiological morbidities. However the intent of the healing arts are to ameliorate the human gestalt, and enhance this organism’s environmental milieu. Currently medical doctors are not concerned with actualizing the instinctual proclivities of the human organism. Conversely, the contemporary naturopath in some more edifying universities are being trained to treat non-homeostatic patients without pharmacological regimes, but rather are focused on restoring the body’s magnificent homeostasis. Furthermore, naturopathic doctors (NDs) are likewise directed on engendering cryptic bodily genesis where an individual’s primeval predilections are able to be propitiously developed.

The field of naturopathic medicine is concerned with auspicious remodeling of the human organism; and in contrast to medical doctors who are now narrowing their perspective in terms of their overall vision of health. Naturopathic universities must change their curriculum in order to become concordant with how their medical discipline will be complementary to their MD counterparts.  Currently, most naturopathic universities in the US have not become privy nor have made this necessary transition that must be mandated in order for their graduates to embrace and be trained in this new paradigm revolution. This innovative medical paradigm involves a practitioner thoroughly healing many dimensions of a patient’s all-inclusive pathogenesis. Naturopaths can also become facilitators of a patient’s inner and outer ontological genesis.

The paradigm revolution in naturopathic medicine involves much more than homeopathic remedies, herbal as well as plant extract therapies to heal a wide range of pathologies. It is essential that all naturopaths in their first and second years of training become rigorously competent in organ physiology, molecular biology, western pharmacology, pathophysiology, behavior science, endocrinology, neuroscience and neurology, anatomy, and hematology, all which parallels the standard curriculum in western medicine. The third and fourth years should emphasize a comprehensive integrated and holistic approach to clinical medicine. This involves an ardent education in bio-identical hormonal therapies, Freud and Jungian psychiatric strategies, comprehensive dietary and stringent cross training exercise regimes, indigenous shamanistic healing practices, an understanding of the body’s chakra and inner energy system, regenerative medical therapies, as well as an experiential understanding of body and mind integrative protocols, and non pharmacological plant extract therapies.

This extensive training regime must also be associated with a year of actually working with licensed medical doctors. Moreover, this kind of expansive experiential training will provide naturopathic clinicians with the acumen to not only be complementary with medical doctors, but more importantly to be judicious facilitators to their patients where they can abnegate the pathological morbidities which plagues our contemporary society.

Western medical doctors in most instances are only managing fragrant symptomologies, not the furtive overall pathogenesis of a patient. The concept of normal now represents a phenotype, which is highly pathophysiological. Medical doctors are not treating, nor attempting to remodel a patient’s ostensible chronic physiological morbidities, that are being engendered by the dynamics by our cultural milieu. Conversely, naturopaths who are working with MDs have the responsibility to ameliorate a patients pathogenesis prior to it manifesting into some kind of autoimmune disease, cardiovascular morbidity, and neoplastic malaise, chronic fatigue, fibromyalgia, or debilitating psychiatric disorders.

Freud and Jung both argued that the synergistic interfacement between the central nervous system and the gastrointestinal network is essential for physiological salubriousness. Currently, most contemporary humans do not develop propitious executive cortical workings which denotes an integrated personality as they do not achieve an optimal homeostatic maturation. This pathogenic phenomenon virulently impacts the peripheral neurology of the gastrointestinal system. Human or primate emotionality involves the orbital frontal cortex, the mesolimbic system, and most importantly billions of neurons associated with the enteric nervous system, or the gastrointestinal network.

The complexity of this relationship makes it impossible for multiple pharmacological agents to rigorously modulate the skewed machinations of this physiological coalescence. The epigenetic modifications associated with lifestyle changes are the only way to improve this homeostatic interfacement between the gastrointestinal network and the central nervous system.  Naturopathic clinicians must develop unique treatment strategies to judiciously improve the executive functionality of the central nervous system; and this will translate into a homeostatic regulation of the body’s overall physiology. Naturopathic physicians must work with their patients to facilitate a thorough remodeling of those non-homeostatic cortical circuits associated with the orbital frontal cortex; and this will induce and improve the salubriousness of the gastrointestinal system. This enhanced physiological scenario will likewise impact and rejuvenate the machinations of other bodily organ systems.

Many theorists have argued that humans, unlike other higher organisms, have atrophied or suppressed homeostatic utility of this specie’s highly evolved instinctual predilections. It is evident that the Homosapien genotype did not evolve to live in our overpopulated fabricated environmental milieu. Many medical clinicians have argued that we have taken our contrived environmental landscape to where it is now asymptotic as our technology is pervasively retrograde to this specie’s overall health status. Naturopathic practitioners can efficaciously enhance the medical care provided by traditional medical doctors in terms of managing a patient’s underlying pathogenesis.

Those naturopaths who have adapted the paradigm shift which has been delineated in this article with respect to their advanced training will be able to treat many dimensions of a patient’s lifestyle mediated allostasis. It is necessary that a naturopath enables the patient to develop a highly integrated personality and to coalesce with a concordant environmental milieu which is edifying to this individual’s newly emerging personality. Currently this kind of treatment prophylaxis is not being adapted by any other medical specialty. It is necessary as the integrated personality emerges that patients work with a sagacious naturopath to appropriately modify his or her succinct environmental landscape to be auspicious with the newly emerged integrated personality which is reflective of this person’s genotype.

Societal pressures as well as the contrived epigenetics of our maladaptive social environment must be mollified if a patient is going to achieve emotional and psychological salubriousness. This neurophysiological scenario could negatively impact CRH expression in the amygdala and hypothalamus as well as the over-activation of the sympathetic nervous system and other organ networks. The various cell lines of organ systems could likewise escalate the overexpression of IL-1a, IL-6, TNF alpha and other pro-inflammatory cytokines if there is not a healthy balance between the integrated personality and the environmental landscape. This will induce a reduction in tissue degeneration as well as the virulence associated with the overexpression of noradrenaline and adrenaline. The gut flora will be more homeostatic where certain colonies of bacteria which are toxic or over activate the immune system will be replaced by those that are more efficacious to the homeostasis of the gastrointestinal system.

Naturopathic practitioners who are able to achieve a mitigation in the dysregulation of principal executive super circuits can more readily improve the physiological dynamics of the gastrointestinal system without having to utilize pharmacological agents, herbs, as well as plant extracts. The amorphous term of psychology refers to constructs which may pertain to the actual machinations of particular super executive circuits of the orbital frontal cortex. Neo-Freudians have alluded to emotional functionality becoming aberrant as a result when the body’s primeval sentience is macabrely suppressed which prohibits the auspicious development of the persona.

Exercise is very important to the body’s cellular molecular processes. Many cellular transcriptional activities are only activated as a function of robust physical exertion. The indolence and lethargy of contemporary humans is now associated with obesity and the overall pathophysiology in the modern phenotype. Obesity as mentioned earlier, has been deemed by the American Medical Association to be a direful disease. It has been stated elsewhere in this article that the majority of medical practitioners believe that their patients are no longer capable of losing weight. These medical clinicians are suggesting that their patients undergo some type of invasive procedure such as stapling of the stomach or the placement of sleeves on this organ system. Conversely, these surgical techniques are not acceptable to naturopaths who recommend that bodily lethargy and obesity should not be considered purely as a metabolic condition, but rather represent the pathogenesis of the super executive circuits of the orbital frontal cortex which then translates into a plethora of other medical comorbidities.

Optimal bodily homeostasis requires a synergistic salubriousness between the gastrointestinal organ network and the mesolimbic system, frontal and prefrontal cortexes. The paradigm revolution in naturopathic medicine involves a medicinal synergy in this principal physiologic relationship.  Moreover, the modulation of the environmental milieu cannot occur unless there is a propitious homeostasis between the central nervous system and the gastrointestinal network. Adroit naturopathic practitioners who can achieve this quintessential symmetry will then be able to educate patients to auspiciously modulate his or her environmental landscape to where it is concordant with the succinct homeostatic executive workings of the central nervous system. Patients in most instances will then be amenable to exercise and weight loss without employing a bevy of medications which are not effective but rather are fraught with pejorative side effects.

Naturopathic clinicians who adhere to this paradigm revolution must be knowledgeable how to propitiously and aesthetically sculpture the human torso as well as enhance its functional dynamics. An advanced understanding of weight resistant training, classical dance, martial arts, sprinting, yoga stretching, as well as dietary regimes are required to educate patients how to modulate their bodily physicality. The comprehension of the science of metabolism, dietary regimes, and biochemistry, is also required for naturopaths to enhance the patients’ overall bodily physicality. The human body cannot be optimally physiological unless an individual is willing to ardently condition the torso at least 90 minutes per day. The modern conundrum concerning exercise is that 90% of Americans only walk less than 5,000 steps per day.

Many allostatic Americans are likewise hormonally dysregulated. Naturopaths who adhere to this paradigm revolution must also be competent with endocrinology as well as the use of bioidentical hormones, and meditation techniques to down-regulate the chronic overexpression of cortisol and inflammatory cytokines. This kind of ubiquitous therapeutic modulation by a naturopath who is trained in this paradigm revolution will take sometimes years to achieve in terms of optimizing a patient’s bodily physiology. Naturopathic clinicians must likewise ameliorate the pathogenesis of a patient’s numinous body. This ineffable reeducation requires that a naturopath be sagaciously skillful in the esoteric medicinal arts.

Shamanistic practicioners and oriental medicinal clinicians concur that many physical maladies are engendered by energy pathologies of the etheric body which can also induce the moribund remodeling of the executive circuits of the cortex.  Acupuncture and the arduous practice of formidable body and mind strategies can improve the desecration of the numinous body where it will not virulently impact the physiological machinations of the torso. Thus, naturopaths who are advanced practitioners of this paradigm revolution must also be accomplished medicinal healers in the energy arts as well as shamanistic protocols to therapeutically treat contemporary patients. Modern humans are extremely pathogenic in terms of the arcane functionality of the numinous aspect of the body. This facet of the body has to be medicinally treated in order to enable an individual to achieve some level of ontological genesis. Those naturopaths who adhere to this paradigm revolution will certainly enhance the success of an allopathic medical clinician who realizes that this type of intervention is necessary for their patients to achieve optimal bodily salubriousness.

By: Dr. Ron Shane, Dr. Mark Smith, Andrei Gherghina, DO (pending), Elliot Anavim

Animal Sciences Course Offering

Since 1996 the University of Natural Medicine (UNM) has been offering Doctorate programs in natural health. Recently the University expanded their curriculum to natural animal studies. The University of Natural Medicine provides a rigorous curriculum to help students achieve their career goals and contribute to the expanding world of integrative, complimentary and natural medicine. Globally, UNM has established itself, by:
• Being one of the foremost educational institutions for Natural Medicine in the world through distance learning, practical training and clinical externship.
• Offering training programs that integrate healing practices and knowledge from all disciplines and cultures.
• Providing availability and affordability of education in Natural Medicine for people from all cultures and socio-economics.
UNM now offers Natural Health for Animals Diploma program along with elective classes for Doctoral students.
The Natural Health for Animals program addresses both pet owners and practitioners, enlightening them to the wonders which can be attained through alternative medicine and natural pet healthcare. Until now most pet owners sought medical advice and treatment for their pets from their local veterinarian, but we’re noticing an increasing number of pet owners who nowadays are embracing similar regimens for their pets that they follow for themselves. Good nutrition plays a vital role in a pet’s health and wellbeing. Did you know that a dog’s body functions very similarly to the human body? For example, we need fresh vegetables for a healthy diet, and so do our furry friends. Dogs even require a higher percentage of raw vegetables than cats. But although the food label on a brand of pet food lists a number of vegetables, your pet may still not be receiving all the nutrients it needs. Since most ailments begin with poor nutrition, fixing this one issue can lead to a healthier and happier pet.
Once an animal is experiencing symptoms, or is chronically ill, the curriculum provides a step-by-step guide for alternative cures. Analyzing the symptomology and cause of a condition, then providing practical healing options—through nutrition, herbology, chiropractic care, and/or aromatherapy.

The course work focuses on natural animal healing. Find out:
• How to naturally relieve an animal’s pain and discomfort
• How to avoid toxins and allergens that could harm animals
• How to enable a pet to be energetic and happy.
• When to use pharmaceuticals and alternatives to pharmaceuticals.

Dr. Sheila Rockley designed this program due to her passion for teaching others about animal health. She has an in-depth background in naturopathic care for both animals and people, emphasizing nutrition and the application of appropriate alternative therapies. She has taken the best that Eastern and Western medicine have to offer and has combined them into an integrative naturopathic practice that has had remarkable results. Born and raised in Hamburg, Germany, Dr. Rockley has had an interest in alternative medicine since early childhood and has seen firsthand how effective an integrative health delivery system can be.
Dr. Rockley designed the curriculums and stated, “This coursework is designed for people who love animals and want to learn how to take better care of them by offering them a natural diet and lifestyle. The program is geared towards those wanting to make a career of animal care or those simply wanting a better way to take care of their pets. Did you know an animal’s immunity to fleas, ringworms, mites and a host of diseases can be boosted by making sure the animal is physically, mentally, and emotionally healthy. Both humans and animals are mammals, so their bodies respond very similarly to their environment. Stress, fatigue, lack of vital nutrients, and chronic conditions can all make a furry companion susceptible to serious diseases. This curriculum focuses on the everyday needs of animals such as diet and health to chronic conditions such as cancer, obesity, arthritis and kidney disease.”

For additional information on this or any of UNM’s programs visit www.universitynaturalmedicine.org

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