College of Body-Mind Integrative Studies

The UNM College of Body-Mind Integrative Studies explores the connection between body, mind, psyche, and neurology. Body-Mind Integrative studies is a holonomic perspective stressing the living dynamic between all aspects of self, and the ways in which these contribute to overall health and well-being. Body-Mind Integrative studies comprises a framework through which human functioning can be viewed as whole health and healing in particular. Neither medicine nor bodywork, this field instead provides an integrative view of the self and a variety of tolls and approaches for effecting deep-level healing and psych-physical change.                         

Earn a Masters of Arts in Body-Mind Integrative studies and you’ll explore at an in-depth level Experiential Reality, The Neurology of Self, Specialized Kinesiology, Mind-Body energetic, Psycho-anatomy and so much more. An MA in Mind-Body will support you in assisting clients at a deeper level than the physical.

Our graduates are unique professionals with multidisciplinary expertise providing them the ability to consult with their clients regarding natural health using a powerful set of natural wellness tools which they apply with effectiveness. Learn what this graduate says about how he incorporated his Body-Mind studies into his practice and working with clients.

To deepen your knowledge in treating the “Whole” body including body, mind, psyche and neurology, click on the link below to learn more about the UNM Masters program: