Curriculum – Bachelor of Science in Natural Health Sciences



Module I – First Semester
SCI 320 Intro. to Human Anatomy & Physiology
SCI 317 Elemental Chemistry
SCI 401 Clinical Biochemistry

NUT 301 Basic Nutrition

Module II – Second Semester

NUT 307 Whole Nutrition
NUT 304 Clinical Nutrition
SCI 455 Basic Medical Sciences
SCI 340 Probiotic and Pathogenic Microbes

Module III – Third Semester
NM 309 Toxicology, Detoxification & Natural Healing
NM 312 Stress, Meditation and Happiness
HM 305 Homeopathy I
NM 503 Physical Exam and Diagnosis

MODULE IV – Fourth Semester
NM 402 Natural Therapeutics I
NM 303 Botanical Medicine
IR 400 Iridology
PHM 608 Clinical Pharmacology

MODULE V- Fifth Semester
NM 518 Holistic Gynecology and Women’s Health
BUS 419 Business Practice and Office Management
SCI 418 Holistic Blood Chemistry and Urine Analysis

ANM 301 Animal Natural Health
ANM 303 Aromatherapy and Essential Oils for Animals
ANM 304 Herbology and Flower Essences for Animals
ANM 401 Animal Nutrition
ANM 406 Healing Modalities for Animals

(Other courses may be substituted with prior approval of the Dean)