Naturopathic Manipulations

Prerequisite: Human Anatomy & Physiology

Instructor: Dr. Mark Smith
Naturopathic Manipulations and Physiotherapy is a practical course teaching the art and science of structural alignment and naturopathic applications. This can be an integral part of any holistic health training or practice. Various modalities such as skeletal, joint and soft tissue manipulations and alignment, therapeutic massage, polarity, acupressure, viscero-somatic reflexes, neuromuscular and physical therapy, and other relative healing practices will be imparted and experienced. Philosophies will be based on Naturopathic principles and applications. The course will be of three days duration with eight or more hours of training and hands-on experience each day. Materials such as a manual and video depicting the techniques will be available. This course will be offered in Santa Fe, New Mexico, with open dates subject to demand and scheduling. The training is also available in any other location upon special arrangement with the professor.
NM 490: 3 credits