Jeanne Rose, B.A.

San Jose State University

Jeanne Rose is Founder and President of the Institute of Aromatic & Herbal Studies, which she established in 1988. Following graduation with a BA in Zoology and Marine Biology from San Jose State University, she continued her education at the University of Miami Marine laboratory with the study of Marine Ecology. Ms. Rose continued her studies working for the University of Florida Agricultural Experiments Stations as a research assistant in entomology. She has continued to upgrade her studies with classes in Chinese medicine, Natural Health, Hawaiian Cultural Studies, Organic Chemistry and the Chemistry of Natural Products and has a life long commitment to learning and studying health and complementary practices for healing.

Jeanne Rose has taught at the California School of Herbal Studies and is on the faculty at COBHA(College of Botanical Healing and Aromatherapy). Jeanne Rose is the Executive Director of the Aromatic Plant Project and past-President of the National Association for Health and Aromatherapy (NAHA). She also acts as a Consultant in Aromatherapy, in the SPA industry and in herbal medicine both nationally and internationally. Finally, Ms. Rose has published over 20 books in herbalism and in aromatherapy throughout the world including the three-volume Herbal Studies Course and the Advance Studies in Aromatherapy. Her articles and writing has appeared in many publications since 1969.