Admissions – Master of Science in Natural Health Sciences


A Bachelor degree from this University or from an approved educational institution and/or meet prerequisite requirements for the specified degree sought.

The Master of Science in Natural Health Sciences program will require the student to complete as many credit hours as are needed depending on the student’s incoming credit and resulting advanced placement. There is a maximum of 45 credit hours for the completion of the program. The student may choose to include a 15 credit hour thesis/clinical research as part of the curriculum.

The student must have been in good standing at the college or university attended and earned a minimum grade point average of 2.0 (on a 4 point scale) in all upper division work. If the student has attended a school that does not assign a 4 point grading scale, the student must submit an equivalent evaluation of his/her prior academic work.

*Each Curriculum is Designed on an Individual Basis Depending Upon Concentration.

(Specialization or can be chosen in any Natural Healing Discipline)

(Clinical Nutrition, Herbology/Botanical Medicine, Homeopathy, or other Discipline in Natural Health Sciences)