Curriculum: Doctor of Philosophy in Natural Health Sciences – Concentration in Integrated Medicine, PhD

The concentration in Integrated Medicine is a specialized program developed for the student seeking an advanced comprehensive education based in the philosophy of natural and integrated medicine. Graduates in the Doctor of Philosophy program will demonstrate content knowledge, pedagogical, and professional knowledge necessary for successful performance in their field. Students gain a scientific foundation for understanding the vast world of natural and integrated medicine. They learn to evaluate new studies and research and determine scientific validity, applicability and protocols. They have the skills to translate this knowledge into meaningful, accessible information in diverse fields. Students develop advanced skills in creating innovative health and wellness protocols. It combines natural and integrative medicine curriculum with research in the field. A student will be required to write and defend their dissertation before our dissertation committee.

This program is designed for professionals seeking career advancement or continuing education, and for individuals looking to further their understanding of integrated medicine so they can have a positive impact on individuals health.

The following is an example of the curriculum in Integrated Medicine only as each program along with the dissertation is independently designed with the student and the Dean. Incoming credit may apply and courses waived as a result.

No more than 30 graduate semester credits or its equivalent awarded by another institution may be credited toward a doctoral degree derived from a combination of any or both of the following:

(A) Units earned at institutions approved by the Bureau, public or private institutions of higher learning accredited by an accrediting association recognized by the U. S. Department of Education, or any institution of higher learning, including foreign institutions, if the institution offering the undergraduate program documents that the institution of higher learning at which the units were earned offers degree programs equivalent to degree programs approved by the Bureau or accredited by an accrediting association recognized by the U.S. Department of Education;

(B) Challenge examinations and standardized tests such as the College Level Placement Tests (CLEP) for specific academic disciplines.

Integrated Medicine PhD Core Curriculum:

Incoming BS degree: 38-65 credit hours minimum of curriculum and write and defend before the PhD committee a 25 credit hour (25000 words minimum) dissertation for 90 total credit hours.

Incoming Masters or Doctorate degree: 20-45 credit hours minimum of curriculum and write and defend before the PhD committee a 25 credit hour (25000 words minimum) dissertation for 45-70 total credit hours minimum.

Module I – Integrated Medicine Modalities
NM 402 Naturopathic Practice
NM 403 Naturopathic Pediatrics
NM 502 Naturopathic Practice II
NM 518 Naturopathic Womens Health

Module II – Integrated Medicine Modalities
HM 501 Homeopathy II
NM 503 Physical Examination & Diagnosis
NM 507 Functional Medicine
PHM 608 Clinical Pharmacology & Toxicology

Module III– Integrated Medicine Modalities
NM 504 Integrated Medical Lab Analysis
PHL 410 Ethics in Healthcare