Degree and Certificate Offerings

University of Natural Medicine International (UNMI) The University of Natural Medicine International was founded in 1996 and has served students for over 20 years. With a faculty of over 50 professors we offer a very comprehensive and indepth education and training in the integrative medicine field. With courses in nutrition, herbology, homeopathy, detoxification, physiotherapeutics, biological and medical sciences, and many other modalities and treatments, along with extensive and insightful evaluation and diagnostic modalities we offer our graduates a competent and credible education in the field.

Bachelor of Science (B.S.) –
Clinical Nutrition & Integrative Medicine

Master of Science (M.S.) –
Integrative Medicine
Master of Arts (M.A.) –
Body/Mind Integrative Therapies
Doctor of Natural Medicine (DNM)
Doctor of Integrative Medicine (IMD)
Traditional Naturopath (TN)
Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.) –
Integrative Medicine
Naturopathic Doctor (ND)
Many certificate training programs

University of Health & Spiritual Sciences (UHSS)
The University of Health and Spiritual Sciences ( also known as the U.H.S.S. This is the first Spiritually based Health university which has been structured to allow the student to progress from the baccalaureate level, on to the Certified Wellness Counselor (Health Coach) level, then the Masters Level all the way up  to the Doctorate level. Those who successfully complete the doctoral level program are given the designation "Naturopathic Spiritual

Medicine Doctor" (aka. N.S.M.D.). There is also a Doctorate of Divinity Program which is available to Doctorate level students in the course of their studies.   Our programs place a very high value on the study, teaching and application of foundational concepts which integrate the relationship between the mind/body and spirit. As a valued component of our doctoral training programs in Health and Spiritual Health, we are proud to offer advanced study in Spiritual Concepts which, for qualified applicants, will lead to the designation, Doctor of Divinity with the full privilege and protection afforded to those who endeavor to be called to perform duties commensurate with Spiritual Health. This university and its highest level degree (N.S.M.D.) have been trademarked.

Bachelor of Science (B.S.)
Master of Science (M.S.)
Doctor of Divinity (D.D.)

Naturopathic Spiritual Medicine Doctor (N.S.M.D.)

Ministerial Certification

Open International University of Complementary Medicine


Medicina Alternativa (M.A.)

Medical Doctor Medicina Alternative (MD, M.A.)