Master of Arts in Body/Mind Consciousness Integrated Medicine Studies (M.A)

The Master of Arts in Body/Mind Consciousness Integrated Medicine Studies program integrates many diverse academic disciplines. Our interdisciplinary approach includes the following disciplines: Endocrinology, Human Physiology, Cell and Molecular Biology, Neuroscience, Martial Art Systems, Esoteric yoga, Shamanistic Consciousness, Classical Dance, Mystical Art and Literature.

This program is based on the concept that bodily physiology is essential for actualizing its ethereal/mental sphere. Students are required to take core classes; however, there are certain electives that can be applicable to completing this program. The thesis or dissertation requirement can be disquisition on a germane topic to this field or a comprehensive research study.

It is of fundamental importance that students academically as well as experientially comprehend the relationship between the body’s mental aspects and its optimized physicality. Students who have completed this program can work with medical and naturopathic doctors to develop protocols to amelioratively treat the body’s pathophysiological processes where it is sequestered from its mental realm. This masters of science or of arts is ideal for trained classical dancers or martial arts who are seeking further academic training in the discipline of body and mind consciousness studies as well as who will be pursuing professional careers.